Arborist Tree Reports

Qualified Arborist Report in North Shore, Sydney

If you need an Arborist tree report for your development or your Council requests one prior to approving tree removal or for any other reason, we can assist you.

We employ a resident University qualified AQF Level 8 Arborist, who has the training and experience necessary to produce detailed and in-depth reports that meet local council requirements. Our Arborists qualifications are the highest attainable for any arborist. If you need a Arborist Tree report for your development, or your council requests one prior to approving tree removal for any other reason, than we can help you.

What Our Qualified Arborist Can Test For

Our highly trained Arborist can test for a large variety of different conditions, from overall tree health and wellbeing to fungal infections and pest infestations.

We will be able to test for levels of tip dieback, which left untreated, can cause a tree to die within a year or two. We can also establish the amount of deadwood and advise on its removal.

We perform comprehensive testing for levels of pest infestation, and can diagnose and treat tree diseases. We can also determine if any fungal decay is present, and recommend treatments or removal if required.

We can check for hollows and other defects as well as the strength of branch attachments, inclusions (or weak points) and the level of stability that a tree has in the ground and its wind load, or how much wind it can bear safely. These are particularly important factors if a tree is located close to your property, as a fallen tree is a major health and safety hazard as well as a financial nightmare waiting to happen.

During private or civic developments an Arborist report is required, as often removal or retention of trees is a vital aspect of these projects, we offer this service for any development project that you may have or be involved in. Getting one performed at the early stages of planning is a good idea to save you delays to your project’s progress in the future.