Five things to know about the 10/50 Rule

As anyone living near a bush area in New South Wales knows, it is important to have your home prepared at all times, and to understand NSW’s 10/50 rule. 

Bush fires often occur unexpectedly and we all know the damage they can do to our homes and our lives. It always pays to be ready and the 10/50 rule is one easy way to prepare your home for bushfire season. 

In response to the devastation caused by bushfires, the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) introduced the 10/50 vegetation clearing rule. 

Under the rule, homeowners in affected areas can clear trees and vegetation from around their home without seeking approval. 

The 10/50 rule is an important asset in protecting us from the threat of bushfires but do you know your rights? To help you understand the ins and outs of vegetation clearing, here are 5 of the most important things you need to know about the 10/50 rule. 

Making you bushfire ready

The 10/50 land clearing rule allows home and property owners to clear trees and underlying vegetation, in order to make their home and surrounding area bushfire ready.

This vegetation falls under either category 1 (forest, woodlands, forested wetlands etc.) or category 2 (grasslands, semi-arid woodlands, rainforests etc.).

Eligibility for 10/50 vegetation clearing

Based on the current guidelines, you are eligible to 10/50 clearing if your property falls within 100 metres of category 1 vegetation and 30 metres of category 2 vegetation.

Knowing the facts about your land

Apart from the basic guidelines, there are other restrictions – like the cultural significance of your land – that determines if the 10/50 rule applies to you; where the 10 metres is measured from, and threatened species in ecological zones. 

The easiest way to find out if your property is in an eligible area for 10/50 vegetation clearing is by using the online tool provided by NSW RFS. 

It can be confusing so if you prefer to speak with someone directly, the staff at Bradshaw Tree Services is always available to answer your queries.

Professional 10/50 Clearing Services

Following the 10/50 rule, professionals like those at Bradshaw Tree Services can safely and efficiently clear trees within 10 metres of your property and vegetation within 50 metres of your property. A professional will ensure the work is done properly and that your property is safer from the risk of bushfire.

Complete tree and bush removal

Your trusted professional can clear almost any amount of vegetation, provided it falls under the guidelines. This can range from one-off tree removal to completely removing all trees and shrubs on a site.

With a large range of equipment, Bradshaw Tree Services can come to you and clear any trees or vegetation that could pose a threat to your home in the event of a bushfire. 

We are proud to do our part to help the homeowners of metro and greater Sydney, and our work can often be completed in one day. We are especially active in Hills District and Northern Beaches for any Sydney tree removal or pruning services.

For a free onsite assessment call Bradshaw tree Services on 04 0357 2113 or email today!