Sydney tree pruning – do I need to call a professional?


We all take pride in our gardens. They are a wonderful feature of our homes and can help provide a feeling of tranquillity after a hard day. To maintain your beautiful garden it is important to prune your trees and shrubs throughout the year. 

Going past the visual element, regular tree pruning is particularly integral for safety reasons, as many parts of North Shore or northern Sydney and NSW are prone to bushfires. Under the guidelines of the 10/50 vegetation clearing rule, you are allowed to remove trees or underlying vegetation that may result in a bushfire. 

Usually specialist arborist equipment is required for conifer or palm tree removal and stump grinding as these types of trees grow to over 10 metres tall, and are therefore significant and would need specialist tree care. 

Whether your concerns are due to safety, size or aesthetics, there are times when it’s necessary to call in a professional arborist.

What Is an Arborist and Why Should I Call Them?

Arborists can take care of damaged or sick trees, helping with everything including tree pruning. tree removal, stump grinding and 24 hour emergency tree removal services. 

Before taking the step to call an arborist, there are a number of things you can do to help ensure the health of your trees. This includes regular watering, doing your own branch pruning and being mindful to not disturb the roots of your trees. 

If you’ve tried everything you can and the health of your trees continues to decline, the best thing to do is call a qualified arborist service, such as Bradshaw Tree Services. 

What to Look For in an Arborist?

Reputation is very important in the tree care business. Looking for companies with favourable reviews, and asking for recommendations, is a good place to start. 

You will know you have found a trustworthy arborist if they offer to discuss the job and objectives with you first. 

Above all else, professional qualifications are a must. At Bradshaw Tree Services, we have qualified AQF Level 3 and 5 Arborists, who work to the Australian Standard AS 4373-2007. 

What Can a Company Like Bradshaw Tree Services Do for Me?

A qualified arborist will save you the dangerous task of doing your own tree pruning, finding the most effective way to treat your trees. 

At Bradshaw Tree Services, we can undertake any dangerous pruning, involving electricity service lines, roofs and more. In fact, we specialise in many forms of pruning, such as:

  • Deadwood removal – pruning any dead branches (particularly Eucalyptus species).
  • Selective pruning – identifying and removing branches to gain clearance over buildings, remove diseased or decayed branches or prevent possums from gaining access to the roof or power lines.
  • Remedial (restorative) pruning – removal of damaged, diseased or lopped branches.
  • Reduction pruning – reducing a tree’s height back to lower internal lateral branches.

Can You Help Me with Land Clearing for Bushfires?

With the provision of the 10/50 rule, passed down by the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS), property owners are allowed to clear trees and underlying vegetation that poses a bushfire threat.
All it requires is meeting the criteria and making a call to a professional service to carry out the job. Luckily, we are qualified for all pruning and maintenance work relating to 10/50 vegetation clearing in Sydney.

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