Four reasons to leave stump grinding to the experts

Taking care of handiwork is something many homeowners enjoy doing. In the case of putting up a shelf or installing a home theatre system, it may be perfectly safe and simple but when it comes to doing the handiwork for a task that involves Mother Nature, that’s a whole other story.

Any sort of tree work, including stump grinding and stump removal, should be left up to the professionals. No matter how confident you are, such complex and dangerous tasks require having the right tools, the experience in completing similar projects and the knowledge needed to do things safely.

With that in mind, we present to you four reasons you should leave stump grinding to the experts.

Years of experience

Only after completing years of extensive study is one experienced enough to handle tree work safely and effectively. As much fun as it may be to hear the roar of an engine pruning. It takes great skill to safely remove a stump.

For the best results possible you need to make precise cuts and carefully guide the stump grinder. That’s not something mentioned in your average instruction manual – at least not the ones we’ve seen!

Knowledge for the job at hand

You may know about trees and how they work to an extent, but one of the most important facets of tree work is knowledge and awareness of all surrounding elements. It’s a natural instinct that only comes from years of hands-on practice.

Two of the most common hazards you may have to deal with on the jobsite include live electrical wires and gas lines, which can become entangled in the cutting machine. A professional team has all the knowledge to navigate such tricky situations.

Specialist equipment

One of the most obvious aspects of any successful tree work is equipment. Getting access to the right equipment and knowing what to look for is difficult on its own. Then there is the operation of the equipment, which can prove risky at best.

Here at Bradshaw Tree Services, we have all the specialist equipment needed to complete any stump grinding or stump removal. This includes a hand held machine and a larger diesel-driven stump grinder.

Our experienced operators can grind any stump to a minimum depth of 300mm or even as deep as 600mm, and carefully removing it.

Getting the job done safely

Safety is the key for all tree related works and is something that can’t just be picked up. By hiring a professional company you can ensure the job gets done safely and smoothly.

As part of every project, we conduct a Job Safety Analysis, in order to locate any potential hazards. 

If you are looking for quality stump grinding services in North Shore and Northern Beaches then contact the team at Bradshaw Tree Services. 

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