Tree Removal Northern Beaches – Private Land

Before you decide to start any refurbishment work regarding your it’s good to know the regulations in your local council.

Most of the information you can find on Tree Removal Northern Beaches council site:

However, in today’s blog, we would like to give you some advice on what you should pay attention to before you contact tree removal Northern Beaches services.

Trees and other parts of the landscape pay an important visual role in the Northern Beaches area. That’s why its maintenance and removal is covered by many regulations

For any work including pruning and tree removal northern beaches, you should first consult Council, including works on trees that are overhanging next door property.

There are some exceptions when it comes to certain tree species and they can be removed without the permission from your local Council. Trees are allowed to be pruned by up to 10% once in every 12 months. However, for tree removal Northern Beaches Council requires a permission.

Tree services Northern Beaches Council will approve:

  • With a report from qualified Arborist together with the appropriate application.
  • Tree removal that is hazardous or unsuitable
  • Crown that is affecting solar access
  • Trimming for maintenance or removal of dying, diseased branches
  • Pruning of tree roots that are affecting buildings or natural structure
  • Tree removal for service lines
  • Living Crown that is affecting vehicle or pedestrians access
  • Minimum work to make trees safe for the neighborhood

Tree services Northern Beaches Council are unlikely to approve:

  • Any tree removal application that doesn’t have the owner’s signature on it
  • Tree removal for a better view
  • When the alternative has been presented, tree removal for solar access or bird dropping won’t be allowed either
  • Healthy tree removal
  • Tree removal for emotive reasons
  • Removal of trees that affect grass or garden growth
  • Allergies unless the tree can be medically linked to the issue
  • Removal of trees that were associated with minor damages to structures like driveways etc.

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