Tree Removal – Use Proper Equipment

In the articles before we provided you with some good advice about tree removal and trimming.

Now it’s time to get you familiar with some special equipment. Without it, you won’t be able to complete safely any of the tree works in your garden.

Before you start practicing all the techniques from our previous posts you need to make sure you supply yourself with the proper equipment for the job. Every tool should be in a good condition  and it’s wise to test it before using it on a tree.

The equipment we listed below is required if you decide to cut a mature tree on your property yourself.

  • Safety Glasses: Many people overlook its importance, however, think about all the flying debris. They can cause a serious harm to your eyes if you are using a chainsaw
  • Leg Protection: If you get to the knot in a tree, the saw can kick out of the tree and injure you in your leg. It’s highly recommended to use either knee- high safety boots or other leg protection
  • Test Rope: It should be roughly three times longer than the height of your tree. It’s advised to use it as a safety backup in case something goes wrong
  • Chainsaw itself: Of course this is the most important piece of equipment you will need. The chainsaw should have a twenty-inch bar and around 3.5 horse power. The bar indicates the depth that the saw’s blade can penetrate. In most of the cases, twenty inch is enough.

If after reading this article you decided that tree removal is too hard work for you

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