Service Areas

North Shore tree services

Bradshaw Tree Services have been developing true excellence in tree management for 15 years. We are experts at tree pruning, removal and stump grinding in Sydney’s North Shore. We operate with a “hands on” philosophy and our strict management system ensures that every job is completed from initial assessment through to completion in a smooth and easy manner. Our client’s needs are of utmost importance to us and we are committed to providing quality solutions in both inner Sydney and outlying rural areas.

Bradshaw Offers an Excellent Range of Tree Management and Care Solutions

Our experienced and qualified team are able to provide a variety of different tree solutions to you. All of our services are conducted in a safe, practical and efficient manner.

Tree Lopping Sydney

We offer comprehensive services for tree surgery and tree lopping in Sydney. We are able to lop unwanted limbs from problem trees and help to diagnose and heal diseased trees. Our experienced tree loppers are qualified AQF Level 3 Arborists to current Australian standards.

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Tree Removal

We remove dead, dying or diseased trees. We also remove trees that are causing structural damage to your property, are a fire hazard or stand in the way of developments. Our fully qualified arborists will take every measure needed to make sure that no damage comes to your property or garden during this procedure.

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Tree Pruning

We offer a comprehensive tree lopping, pruning and surgery service. We can lop unwanted limbs and help to diagnose and heal diseased trees. Our tree pruning services are undertaken by qualified AQF Level 3 Arborists to current Australian standards.

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Stump Grinding and Removal Sydney

We have the latest in stump removal and grinding technology. Our specifically trained stump removalists will make light work of any stubborn stump, keeping current safety standards at the forefront of the procedure.

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24 Hour Emergency Service

We work closely alongside the SES during times of state emergency. We respond to emergency calls rapidly and efficiently. Our staff possess training in storm damage removal techniques, a unique skill set even amongst arborists.

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Land Clearing

We can help with land clearing operations. We will assess the site with you to help ensure that the most efficient, cost effective and safest method is chosen.

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