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24 Hour Emergency Service

24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal in Sydney

Emergency tree removal services often prove to be difficult jobs. They require special attention to limit further damage and ensure your safety. Many dangers may be present, including exposed electrical wires, dislodged hanging branches and damaged, structurally unsound trees. Bradshaw Tree Services have been developing true excellence in tree management for over 15 years, building a wealth of experience and expertise in handling these emergency tree removal situations.

Excellence in Tree Management

For a number of years, Bradshaw Tree Services has worked alongside the SES (State Emergency Services), responding to emergency calls both quickly and efficiently. Our dedicated employees are specially trained in storm damage removal as it requires a different set of skills to those of regular tree work. When you call for an emergency tree removal, a Job Safety Analysis will be conducted to locate any potential hazards and eliminate these ensuring safe work procedures. If we’ve had to remove a tree during an emergency call-out, our stump grinding service can assist you in removing what remains. Any tree can be dealt with through our true excellence in tree management.

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Prepare with Pruning

With weather conditions constantly changing and an increase in extreme weather conditions and severely damaged trees recorded across the country, emergency tree removal is more common than ever. The need to call in professional emergency tree removal experts, particularly during the winter months has increased. To prevent damaged trees during heavy storms or powerful lightning surges, it’s a good idea to consider regular tree pruning, tree removal and maintenance. Especially for large trees, pruning during the winter months can protect against a situation where emergency tree removal is essential.