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Tree Lopping Sydney


Bradshaw Tree Loppers Sydney

We offer comprehensive services for tree surgery and tree lopping Sydney North Shore and Northern Beaches areas. We are able to lop unwanted limbs from problem trees and help to diagnose and heal diseased trees. Our experienced tree loppers are qualified AQF Level 3 Arborists to Australian Standard AS 4373-2007. Lopping will often be undertaken to clear electricity service lines, over roofs, swimming pools and driveways.

Reasons for Tree Lopping

Reasons for pruning your tree include maximising winter sunlight into the property, power line clearance, unsightly seed and frond removal from palms and trees, clearing branches resting on buildings to reduce physical damage, reducing leaves dropping onto the roof or to prevent possums using your roof as a home or highway, pruning for views, pruning of dangerous branches, air movement, enhancing shape and bird control.

Management of deadwood is a common service we perform to reduce the risk of branch failure in Eucalyptus trees and other species.

When is tree lopping not recommended?

Tree lopping is sometimes not recommended if the natural shape of the tree is destroyed, or if the lopping of branches can alter the growth pattern and reduce the tree’s life span. The tree may become dangerous with the re-growth weakly attached to the trunk and therefore susceptible to decay.

For instances where we assess that tree lopping is not advisable, we will recommend alternative actions which may include pruning or the removal of the tree.

 Getting Council Approval for Tree Lopping Sydney areas

Many of the council web sites can be confusing or unclear. Contact Bradshaw Tree Services as we have a complete understanding of all council’s regulations and often know the officers that undertake the inspections. For those difficult and contentious trees we may be able to help in getting an approval.

For more information, go to our Council Regulations page.