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Tree Removal

Expert Tree Removal in Sydney

Bradshaw Tree Services are a team of fully qualified Arborists. We will ensure that we remove your tree with the utmost care for your property and garden. We are professional, proficient, safe and efficient. We are specialists in tree removal and tree lopping for the Sydney metropolitan area encompassing Ku-ring-gai Council, Hills District, Hornsby Council, North Shore and the Northern Beaches.

We are fully stocked with a large range of equipment, so we can assist you with even the most difficult types of tree removal in Sydney. We will maintain our high standards of safety and care while we do it.

Why Does The Tree Need to Go?

body-tree-removalTrees need removing for a number of different reasons.

All trees have a finite lifespan and removal is the last option for when they cannot be pruned to reduce a hazard. Sometimes their root structure can overgrow and cause structural damage to a property, and a removal is often a cheaper and quicker option than re-stumping.

A tree may need to be removed if it is dead, dying or diseased. A tree that is dropping limbs is also a major safety hazard and will need to be removed.

Some species are also noxious or undesirable and may warrant removal, and some development applications also require the removal of trees.

If you live in a rural area, you may want to utilise our professional tree removal or vegetation clearing services. We can help you to protect your property against bush fires, a very real threat in our hot Australian summers.


NSW 10/50 Rule

The 10/50 rule states that you may clear trees within 10 metres of your property, and underlying shrubbery within 50 metres, without seeking official approval.

See our blog post Five things to know about the 10/50 Rule.

More information about this rule, including a handy online tool to determine if you live within the 10/50 rule entitlement area, can be found here.

Please have look at one of our recent tree removal projects in Sydney: